Addu Nature Park

Addu Nature Park is a protected area located in Hithadhoo Island, Addu Atoll. The park consists of the scenic Eedhigalhi Kilhi (a freshwater lake), surrounding wetlands and the historical Koattey area. It is an uninhabited area of forest, beaches, seagrass beds, mangroves and mudflats. A day at the park can be both memorable and educational while you discover the secrets of the mangrove and the local wildlife. Addu Nature Park is the second largest wetland in the country after Fuvahmulah.
There is also a notable population of indigenous birds that call this area home. The famous Eastern Grey Heron, Whiskered Terns, and the Marsh Sandpiper are a common sight. It is also a refuge for some of the migratory birds. The Visitor Center will have more details about the birds that frequent the region. Guided tour services to explore the park on foot, bicycle or buggy are available too

Things To Do:

A must-do experience at the park is canoeing in the ‘Eedhigalhi Kilhi’ freshwater lake. Venture on your own to enjoy the calmness while you paddle gently along the lake.

Bicycle or Guided Buggy Ride
The park has several routes that take you through to different spots. Bike rental costs around US$2 for the whole day or you can opt for a guided tour in a buggy.

Bird Watching
It’s a great opportunity for bird lovers to witness the local wildlife. Bring a binocular if you want to see them up close.


Opening Hours:
Saturday – Thursday: 6 am to 6 pm
Friday: Closed between 11 am to 2 pm

Entrance Fee: US$ 7

Getting There:
The best way to reach Addu Atoll is by taking a domestic flight (Maldivian or Flyme) to Gan International Airport. The cost of a return trip generally ranges from US$ 250 – 300.

If you’re flying to the Maldives from elsewhere in Asia, Sri Lankan Airlines is currently the only option to fly internationally to Gan Island.