Fuvamulah Island

It is one of the most unique island in terms of geography, marine life and language

Fuvahmulah is the only one-island atoll in the Maldives. Located between Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and Addu Atoll, it is closest atoll to the Equator and the first atoll in the Southern Hemisphere. It has many distinctive features that make Fuvahmulah different from rest of the islands in Maldives.

About 5km long and 1km wide, it’s the third biggest island in Maldives and one of the most fertile. producing many fruits and vegetables. It is also home to a variety of habitats such as tropical forests, marshes, 2 freshwater lakes, beaches with various sand, pebble and gravel beaches. They form habitats to various plant and animal species that are unique to the island.

The population is about 13,000 and the locals speak a distinct dialect of Dhivehi Language, called ‘Mulaku Bass’.

Having no natural lagoon and being exposed to the ocean waves, Fuvahmulah remained easily inaccessible. A harbor was built in 2000 and domestic airport in 2011. It is just a 1.5 hr flight from capital city of Male’.

The ideal way of transportation around the island is by motorbike or car. All parts of the island are being connected through modern roads now.
Thundi beach at Fuvamulah
Fuvamulah Nature Park

Places of Interest

– Bandaara Kilhi
– Dhandimagu Kilhi
– Gen Miskiy
– Tiger Zoo Dive Spot
– Thundi Beach