Music and Dance – Bodu Beru

The Bodu Beru (direct translation is Big Drum) has East African influences and is a mix of songs and dances performed by men. Nowadays you see women perform as well. The history of boduberu’s existence in Maldives is known to date back to the 11th century.

The Bodu Beru is usually performed by about 10- 15 people, including 3 drummers and a lead singer. They are accompanied by a small bell and a small piece of bamboo with small grooves, producing sharp sounds. Themes are heroism, romance or satire.

The prelude to the song is a long beat, accompanied by drums and dances. When the song reaches a crescendo, one or two dancers maintain the wild rhythm with their movements and sometimes end in a trance. The beat starts off slow and gradually get fast and reaches a crescendo, accompanied by fast paced dance moves.

It is still performed as entertainment during local celebrations and for tourists.