Weather in the Maldives

Thundi beach at Fuvamulah

The Maldives has a hot tropical climate determined by two monsoons, the Dry Season and the Wet Season. The monsoon influence is greater in the northern atolls compared to the south.
Temperatures in the Maldives stay at 25-35°C year-round and only drop a few degrees at night. There’s an average of 8 hours of sunshine every day and the water temperature barely falls below 25°C.

Dry Season

North-East Monsoon (locally known as Iruvai) lasts from November to April.

Daily temperatures during both Dry and Wet Season range from around 31°C during the day to 25°C at night and rarely fall below 25°C (77°F). Usually brings blue skies and exceptionally clear water for majority of the time.

Wet Season

South-West Monsoon (locally known as Hulhangu) which lasts from May to October brings more wind with rougher seas, more cloud cover and less visibility. There is more wind and rain during June and July.

Climate Change

Climate change is a great concern for the Maldives but the country is not in any significant danger for the foreseeable future. The Maldivian islands are safer than other coastal cities because of the natural protection from the coral reefs and lagoons surrounding them.

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